Chemical Dozing System

We are leading names in the field of designing, manufacturing and installation of chemical dosing systems. These are backed by latest process technology that ensures complete reliability and durability of the systems in the involved operations. These chemical dosing systems are highly demanded and are made available in form of Positive Displacement Pumps, HP & LP dosing systems for Boiler, Chlorine Dosing system, Polyelectrolyte Dosing system, Alum/Lime Dosing system and others.

Some of the areas these are used in include:

  • Applications needing mixing, storage and accurate dosing of specialized chemical reagents
  • Applications involving water treatment, manufacturing, mining areas

These chemical dosing systems can be effectively used in wide range of chemicals including:

Acids and Bases Buffers
Metal Salts Oils
Suspensions Hydrocarbons
Organic chemicals

Here, our expertise in designing these systems allow efficient handling of storage, metering, mixing, dilution and dosing of soluble solid and liquid reagents. Further, the high automation and control delivered ensure all aspects of process control inputs are well accommodated in the systems.


  • These systems are manufactured in different grades of stainless steel
  • These can be lined internally for applications where safeguard needs to be maintained towards contact of chemical with steel
  • Optional FRP construction possibility also available
  • Advanced process design including use of latest instrumentation support
  • Applications Areas:
    Some of the areas these can be used in include:
Raw Water Treatment Waste Water Treatment
Domestic Reverse Osmosis Feed & Cleaning Ultra Filtration
Membrane Bio Reactor Cooling Water Treatment
Boiler Feed Treatment Condensate Conditioners