Water Softener

The Innovation Tech Water Softening Plants are designed to produce treated water to suit for various application. Treated water is of consistent quality with low residual hardness throughout the service cycle.

The high synthetic resin is used to exchange Sodium ion with hardness forming Calcium and Magnesium ions. After producing desired output, the resin is regenerated with [NaCl] Sodium Chloride solution after which unit is again ready to deliver next batch. Innovation Tech units are available with different models. The difference between these models is in the capacity of the resin used for each model. These units are easy to operate and maintenance free. These models are available to produce various capacity upto 200 Cu. Mtrs per hour maximum.

One mild steel pressure vessel painted internally with black bitumen anti corrosive paint and externally with red oxide primer with proper distribution and collection system for service and regeneration cycle.

One set of frontal pipework with valves and ejector to carry out normal operation and regeneration cycle.

One Complete Charge of cation exchange resin.

One Salt tank of HDPE with fitting and brine filter media.

One test kit of monitor raw and treated water hardness.

One test kit of monitor raw and treated water hardness.



  • Boiler Feed
  • Cooling Tower Make-Up.
  • Air Conditioning Plant.
  • Textile Processing.
  • Beverage Production.

Hospitals, Hotels, Laundries, etc