Power & Utilities

Power generation is the backbone of a nation which it drives the whole electricity network grid. Organo have complete range of water treatment system for thermal power generation and nuclear power generation. Our system offers high effectiveness of demineralized water system for boiler makeup water and condensate polisher for returned condesate in nuclear and super critical power plants which will reduce the localized attact on boilers resulted in minimal or no forced shut down for power generation process.

Besides of providing water treatment soultion, we do to design and build wastewater system for treatment of demineralized plant regeneration waste, boiler and cooling tower blow down water and plant drainage water.

We have vast references and equipped with more than half of a century experience as a solution provider for the power generation sectors in Southeast Asia region. As refer to the typical Power Plant Flow Diagram shown below.
We Utilize following typical metods for Demineralized Water and Wastewater plant:

Raw Water System

Demineralized Water System

1) Demineralized Water Treatment System which consists of:
a) Ion Exchange System (SGX)
b) Mixed Bed Polisher (MBP)
c) Electrodeionization (EDI)
d) Reverse Osmosis for TOC removal


  • Regeneration Wastewater Neutralization System

Power Generator Unit

1-Condensate Polisher Unit for removal of impurities such as silica oxides and iron oxides
2) Boiler Feed Water Chemical Treatment
3) Cooling Tower Water Chemical Treatment

Wastewater Treatment System


  • Final Neutralization System and Final Discharge